DevCentrics Consulting Practices (DCP)

A successful Unified Communication practices in any organisation boost the workforce productivity, positively transforms the way business envisions the communication practices and delivers unprecedented growth in terms of scalability, reach and awareness.

We have industry experts who work closely with corporates to understand their business, collaboratively partner to define their strategic and tactical goals and do the due diligence before suggesting or implementing a roadmap. We think that the phrase “Proper planning prevents poor performance” holds good in any UC deployment practices.

DevCentrics Consulting Services (DCS)

Lync Design & Deployment Services: To assist organizations design and deploy Microsoft Lync solutions, or to upgrade/expand the existing deployment. Read More.

Lync Communication Optimization Services: To assist organizations improve the quality of communications in a Lync deployed infrastructure. Read More.

Lync Enterprise Voice (Design & Deploy) Services: To assist organizations prepare and deploy a perfect enterprise voice solutions. Read More.

Lync User Adoption Program: To assist organizations increase the penetration of Lync adoption using development, marketing and consulting skill.

DevCentrics Consulting Framework (DCF)

Turning unified communication story, from possibility to reality, takes a well-planned approach. DCF is structured in six phases to serve organizations in most professional manner.

Why DevCentrics?

Our consulting business cover wide range of services for our customer which gives a lot of value, enhances companywide productivity and a world class experience:

Experts (Developers, infra engineers & Business Analyst): Right talent is used at right juncture of consulting services. We have right mix of industry experts to understand, plan and execute the strategy.

Integration, deployment and security Planning: During the start of the project assessment, we ensure that we do careful planning in terms of defining the best strategy for integrating with the existing infrastructure, best methodology for creating a roadmap for solution deployment and crafting a finest security design for the enterprise safety, security and compliance manageability.

GAP Analysis, implementation and future envisioning: We provide GAP analysis from three points of view, from educating customers on the current trend point of view, from recognising the best in compete products point of view and from suggesting a future product roadmap point of view.

M&A, growth plan and redefining business processes: Organisations as a result of mergers and acquisitions face complexity in integrating the communication modalities across multiple domains, across different communication verticals and across diversified business processes. We have industry experts to help organizations meet any such challenges.

Research development, case study presentation and strategic planning: DevCentrics Consulting Practices have strong benefits for customers as we share our marketing research, present the business case as a trusted advisor and also plan not only tactical upgrade of technology but strategic metamorphosis of the complete business entity.

Need based assessment, opportunity analysis and segmentation: We provide you with need based assessment of a global capacity so that you could easily replicate the success strategies of one region to another. We segment the task at a granular level with very minute attention to details so that you focus on the core business for better profit, growth and turnover.

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