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Product Overview

DC Analytics is a Lync reporting software which helps you understand the business value of Lync deployment. The decision makers, IT managers and everyone involved in Lync product roadmap in any organisation require insight of Lync databases. An effective visual analytics of Lync databases in a meaningful construct, increases quick decision making abilities and helps to do predictive analysis of the business trend immensely. The benefits to any enterprise adopting to such technologies can be summed up as follows:

Overall Modality Trends

Overall Audio / Video Session Trends

Adoption & Trend (Know ROI and Plan the Infrastructure)

DC Analytics provides various reports to understand usage details of Lync communications modalities (IM, audio, video, application sharing etc). The DC Analytics reports help organizations to better analyse the communication methods (peer to peer & conference, internal to internal, internal to external, external to external etc) which leads to better use of communication tools, which in turn leads to increased productivity.
Broadly speaking there is an increased penetration of Lync based usages as a result of DC Analytics reports, specifically users find it intuitive with little or no learning curve. With DC Analytics, enterprises can naturally encompass the use of communication technologies by educating users based on adoption reports for better outcome. Management can make quick, quantifiable and measurable decisions based on KPIs viz. customer satisfaction, achieving tactical & strategic goals and improve call quality in a measurable terms. Overall, adoption and trend reports increase adoption of Lync, leading to greater mindshare, product usage and enhanced productivity.

Call Quality Details

Organizations can track bad call quality details with the help of various reports provided by DC Analytics. Related reports in DC Analytics provides details of call quality per location, department, device etc. It becomes easier to prepare corrective measures to improve voice quality with the help of various call quality reports in DC Analytics. The quality of phone calls, its tracking and compliance leads to better planning and help to proactively take decisions for better ROI leading to increased bottom-line.

Hardware Usage

DC Analytics provides reports to understand the current statistics of Lync servers hardware usage. It gives an administrator an ability to track the hardware usage from a central location (DC Analytics Control Panel). Such insight helps Lync administrator to take corrective measures before any performance related incidents causing disruption of Lync services.

External Communications Reports

DC Analytics reports give insight into communications details with external parties (remote or federated). Which many times add lot of value from auditing and compliance perspective. Also, it helps you to plan the Lync Edge infrastructure in optimized way. Federation with other companies saves lot of money for many organizations. However, understanding the exact business value of such saving has been always a challenge. DC Analytics provides such reports to understand those business value in greater detail.

Compliance & IT Governance

DC Analytics reports provide various detail for assessment, auditing, and remediation purpose to reduce risk and maintain and prove compliance in your Lync infrastructure. With DC Analytics reports, you can take control of your environment to gain visibility into your environment's current state, track changes against a baseline compliance rule & remediate problems before they get out of control.

Companywide conferences, audio, video communication saves money:

The DC Analytics reports and trend leads to better analysis of communication methods, which leads to better use of communication tools, which in turn leads to increased productivity. On one hand the deployment of reporting analytics yield ROI in a quick turn of events, on the other hand enterprises realise the next investment areas in communication technologies, as a middle ground it gives an insight into how valuable deployment of such technologies could result for such organisation.

The CIO’s are increasingly relying on the use of technologies to enhance the operational excellence by reducing travel cost through multi-party conferencing, audio and video conversation. A company with worldwide presence, find it increasingly challenging to optimise use of technologies and the reports and historical data gives a glimpse of the current status and take necessary actions. We believe, with the implementation of DC Analytics, companies could save huge sum of money by implementing best practices as a part of organisation policies.

Improved quality of experience

DC Analytics with multitude of informative parameters makes it so easy to use communications product that it naturally immerses to the users’ current work. There are three point of benefits as a result of using DC Analytics, from organisation’s point of view, from individual’s point of view and from decision makers point of view. From organisation’s point of view, it gives a much greater quality of lync product usability thereby improving the image of the company for the internal customers. From individual’s point of view it enhances the overall life and happiness quotient for employees helping them to be more engaged with the work. From decision maker’s point of view, it makes great sense to see better coordination between various stakeholders and hence be able to justify investment in niche technologies.

Answer industry specific questions and debunk the mystery behind what, how and why of communications

The DC Analytics implementation answers some questions including:

  • What is the ROI of Lync deployment?
  • What is the health of my network and are there any bottlenecks that I need to worry about to take appropriate measures to fix them?
  • Do I need to take care of capacity planning at specific locations? Do I need to do certain testing while deploying new products?
  • Whether my employees are equipped with resources to handle the customer calls and are these based on certain priorities?
  • Are compliance and auditing requirement met as per IT governance policies?
  • Am I able to realise the savings from my investment and are there any future enhancements that I need to look at for further investments?
  • Where the calls are coming from and where the users are making calls to?
  • Which location or department is experiencing poor Lync experience?

Overall, DC Analytics build the muscle for the organisation by enhancing voice quality, increasing technology adoption and by providing an end to end business class scalable deployment. DC Analytics uncovers the myth around communication bottlenecks, demystify the value Lync brings to the table, rationalises investment by cost saving, ease of deployment and by seamless integration.

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