DC Proclaim

Instant Messaging Broadcast Solution for Microsoft Lync and Skype for Business

Product Overview

We believe that a lot of organisations require solutions to enable the corporate employees, admins and power users with the ability to broadcast instant messaging to select group of users. We therefore created a Lync/Skype for Business based Instant Messaging broadcast product called the DC Proclaim. DC Proclaim uses Microsoft Lync/Skype for Business Server infrastructure to enable users to broadcast IM communication to a selected list of users and thus works with the familiar technologies with little or no learning curve. 

DC Proclaim - Applications and Usability

  • From select users management point of view: DC Proclaim Broadcast application broadcasts Lync/Skype for Business IM messages to a list of users simultaneously. Thus all the target users get aware of any update from the source user at the same time leading to suitable action from all the users immediately. This helps when there is an urgency of action to be taken, when a user works on a business critical application or a line of business server update needs to be sent to users concerned. 
  • From Lync/Skype for Business Server Infrastructure point of view: The application works on the Lync/Skype for Business Server Infrastructure and is built using Microsoft provided APIs. Hence, it becomes very easy to create extensible, customised and upgraded products as per the need of the customers. 
  • From integration point of view: The DC Proclaim IM broadcasting tool seamlessly integrates with the AD infrastructure which allows importing an AD group, providing multiple Lync/Skype for Business pool support and multiple domain support.

DC Proclaim Features

  • Ability to manage Custom Sender Address 
  • Custom Destination Addresses 
  • Custom IM message, hence a flexible solution tailor made to organisation's requirement. 
  • Multiple Lync/Skype for Business Pool Support leading to a highly scalable solution giving the ability to save time without investing additional on extra hardware, software and services. 
  • Multiple Active Directory Domain Support 
  • Rich and Extensive Reporting 
  • Support of all the AD users, user groups and contacts, with rich reporting and intelligent retrial algorithm for failed message making the solution robust, time tested and full proof. 

24X7X365 Support 

DevCentrics provides 24X7X365 support on its product and services. 
To know more, please reach out to sales@devcentrics.com