DC Stockade

Ethical Wall & Content Filter Solution For Microsoft Lync and Skype for Business

Product Overview

An enterprise, big or small is built on a foundation of enabling security so as to safeguard their company's interest, comply with several national and international security policies and work under the core ambit and a defined boundary set by customers, partners and all other stakeholders. One such area where CXOs are increasingly focussing today is how various employees in the organisation, both within and outside make use of the digital technologies to communicate.

Security, Compliance & Communication 

In order to help such organisations that are increasingly facing the communication based security challenges, we have created a revolutionary product called DC Stockade - the Ethical Wall & Content Filter application for Microsoft Lync. It is designed from the ground up to address the challenges of individual misuse of instant messaging by blocking or masking the profanity words, helping corporates comply to various security standards and certifications while working real-time, non-stop and efficiently. This gives a leeway to enterprise so that they can focus on their core work rather than worry about the ethics, principles and other hygiene issues based on communication and behavioural patterns of their employees. 

Microsoft Lync and Skype for Business Ethical Wall 

The solution is used as a communication barrier (ethical wall) to block Lync and Skype for Business communication between different groups of users. Organizations can also modulate all aspects of communication viz. IM, Presence, File Sharing, Audio, Video and / or desktop sharing as per your compliance policies. Target groups could be either internal set of users or federated set of users. Being a server side product, the policies are applied to any type of Lync end points. 

Microsoft Lync and Skype for Business Content Filter 

The DevCentrics Content Filter is a server-side application that works with every type of Lync clients supporting wide varieties of versions and updates. The content filter application stores the filtered words and related details. Action to either block or mask can be configured based on level of profanity words. 

Reporting of Violations

DC Stockade provides various reports based on stored data giving a graphical meaning to information, which are easy to fathom, comprehend and assimilate. 

Alert Configuration 

DC Stockade enables automatic replies to be sent to the end users when they commit any violation with respect to all the policies that are being defined by a Lync/Skype for Business administrator. A Lync/Skype for Business administrator can customize the end user notification (IM Bot) that he/she want to send in case of violations. 

Easy Implementation & Maintenance 

The solution is quick to deploy & configure, easy to understand and hence benefitting customers without heavy investments in enabling workforce to use this tool and also seamlessly integrates with the existing Lync and Skype for Business infrastructure. 

Role Based Access Control 

A Lync/Skype for Business administrator might want to restrict access to specific set of people for specific set of activities. He/she might want to enable the admins to just view the violation report or might want to give access to certain group of people to create Ethical Wall and Content Filter Policies. 

No Additional Hardware

DC Stockade does not require any additional hardware and therefore saves a lot of money to deploy this solution. 

24X7X365 Support 

DevCentrics provides 24X7X365 support on its product and services. 
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